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About Us

Real Roots has been providing quality maths tutoring services in Faridabad since two decades to students from classes VI-XII.
With our student-centric approach, we have consistently delivered high scores in Maths examinations at each grade level.

Our Pedagogy


Through 25 years of teaching, we have developed effective methods to help the student master every new topic by covering the right books and the fastest methods to solve relevant problems.


Real Roots takes complete responsibility for school maths syllabus coverage in a structured and planned manner for every student belonging to any school.


We provide ample in-classroom practice hours (separate from class hours) to develop speed and accuracy for solving problems. Before every important school exam, a practice plan is developed with every student, in which he is encouraged to practice under guidance and clarify doubts


Real Roots uses one-of-its-kind digital projection technology instead of using blackboard, which enables every student to clearly follow teacher’s writing, thus enhancing the learning experience


We maintain small batches to ensure attention to every student. We ensure students receive notes of missed lectures and avail extra-time to clarify and practice the concepts of the missed class.


We like to stay connected. Periodically, we reach out to parents to discuss their child’s progress and encourage parents to meet and share their feedback. We encourage students to be frank with us about any issue they face

Study Options

At Real Roots, we have built our pedagogy around the two-fold objective:


Real Roots covers entire syllabus for CBSE exams from NCERT and a variety of supplementary books.

Periodic practice sessions and tests prepare the students for monthly and semester school examinations.

Preparation for Scholastic tests and international curriculum as per student needs

Ensures smooth transition of the “jump” in academic level from 10th standard by simplifying new concepts and extensive practice, to maintain student’s interest and scores in Maths.

Emphasizes on building a strong base in topics which are essential for Grade 12, so that the student is on track to achieve top scores in the CBSE Board exams.

For commerce and non-medical streams, we run a highly structured program aimed at top scores in CBSE board examinations.

Our unparalleled teaching methods make every topic extremely easy to understand by relating the toughest concepts and formulae to every-day life. This is how Real Roots students develop an edge and score the top scores

One-on-one tutoring to cover weak concepts, cover additional topics for scholastic tests, prepare for international curriculum etc.


Best maths coaching classes in faridabad

Jai Kakkar

APJ Faridabad Class XII


“Frequent practice sessions and tests at Real Roots are really helpful for me, especially as they are planned based on my schedule. I like the use of innovative digital projection technology, which enables me to clearly follow everything being taught in class”

math coaching classes in faridabad

Mehul Sachdeva

APJ Faridabad Class XII


“Teaching and learning atmosphere at Real Roots is of high quality. Understanding concepts is made super-easy and individual doubts are always clarified, which has enabled me to score high marks in my exams”

math coaching classes in sector 14, faridabad


APJ Faridabad Class XII


“Just leave your Maths to Real Roots. I’ve seen nobody put as much efforts as Real Roots to clarify concepts and formulae. All you need to do is be regular with classes and practice sessions, and you will score better without doubt”

best math teacher in faridabad




“At Real Roots, lesson plans and teaching are well-structured. Additionally, I have truly benefited from the copious amount of practice, doubt clarification and encouragement I have received at Real Roots”

math coaching faridabad sector 14

Divyansh Gandhi

St. Josephs Class X


“The best part about this place is that students are individually helped to find their weak areas and work on them by repeatedly clarifying the concepts. I can’t afford to do any silly mistake when I want to score high marks, which is where Real Roots helped tremendously”